Charlie Zelenoff Now: Boxer After Mike Tyson Plane Video


Charlie Zelenoff is a Russian-American online celebrity and boxer who has recently made headlines due to his association with the Mike Tyson flying video. As we all know, Tyson was involved in a violent confrontation on a flight on Wednesday night, during which he hit a man. Several individuals have named Charlie Zelenoff as the victim who was punched by Mike Tyson in a film of his flight.

After seeing the footage and learning about the victim, many people assumed Zelenoff was the man who had been assaulted by the boxing champion. According to his social media profile, he is a one-pound G.O.A.T., undefeated and undisputed UBF/BMF/WBC champion, and highest-paid boxer. Furthermore, in his boxing career, Zelenoff claims to be 331-0 undefeated, including the fastest knockout in history at 0.1 seconds. Charlie Zelenoff Now: Boxer After Mike Tyson Plane Video.

Where Is Charlie Zelenoff Now?

As a result of his failure, Charlie Zelenoff, who was born on July 27, 1988, in Los Angeles, California, is a Russian-American internet celebrity who claims to be a top-class boxer according to Daily Hawker CA. Charlie decided to take matters into his own hands after the loss and started training for YouTube fights. His YouTube channel has 80.7K subscribers at this time.

Zelenoff, in the movies on said network, is portrayed as someone who catches inexperienced fighters by surprise and brutally beats them up, earning him a notorious internet bully reputation. When Zelenoff took on seasoned heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder, however, he not only beat him but also pummeled him considerably above his weight class both literally and metaphorically.

Charlie Zelenoff Wiki & Age

According to DailyHawker CA, Charlie Zelenoff, a Russian-American internet celebrity who claims to be a top-class boxer, was born on July 27, 1988, in Los Angeles, California. He is 34 years old as of 2022. According to his social media bios, Charlie Zelenoff is the no. 1 pound-for-pound G.O.A.T., the undefeated and undisputed UBF/BMF/WBC champion, as well as the most lucrative boxer.


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According to him, he has never been knocked out in any fight and is unbeaten in 331 fights as a professional boxer (0.331). He has also achieved the quickest knockout in history (0.1 seconds). However, there is no evidence that he ever fought in a professional boxing match. Charlie Zelenoff has a 0-1 professional boxing record after being disqualified in his maiden official bout in May 2008 at Paris Middle School in Arkansas, according to BoxRec.

Deontay Wilder And Charlie Zelenoff

The boxer known as the “Bronze Bomber” went to Los Angeles to battle Charlie Zelenoff, who had just defeated Malik Scott in 2014. When YouTuber Joe Weller called Wilder a racist and threatened his daughter Naieya, who has spina bifida, he crossed a line.

Deontay Wilder tossed Charlie Zelenoff around like a ragdoll when he arrived at the gym where he was training. Before demolishing him, Wilder had him sign a legal agreement stating that he would not sue for any damages, making the beating completely legal.

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