Know about David Bunevacz Wife and Daughter

David Bunevacz

David was a former UCLA decathlete and competed in monitor and space for the Philippines national crew while still a youngster. According to the US Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California, he has admitted guilt to two felonies related to dishonest consumers out of over $28 million.

Breana Bunevacz, the daughter of David Bunevacz

Model Breanna Bunevacz appears on Making a Model on the Lifetime Network. Breanna is a native of Los Angeles, California, in the United States, born on June 19, 2003. In 2022, she will be 19 years old. With over 47.1k Instagram followers, she has a verified blue tick account.

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Scammer David Bunevacz could face 40 years in prison

After being arrested in April, Bunevacz pleaded guilty to one count of securities and wire fraud after setting up fake cannabis vaping businesses and tricking clients into giving him $37 million. His family is based in the Central District of California, where he pleaded guilty to a count of securities fraud and a count of wire fraud related to the scam.

The money was allegedly used to support a lavish lifestyle, including more than $8 million spent on gambling at casinos, buying cars, and throwing extravagant parties for his daughter. His daughter’s 16th birthday party cost over $200,000 and he lost over $8 million in casino wagers.

He forged bank statements and legal settlements, laundered money, concealed prior legal troubles, and lied about his business connections for more than a decade, according to records obtained at the time of his arrest.

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Who Is David Bunevacz Wife Jessica Rodriguez?

David Bunevacz Wife Jessica Rodriguez

The wife of David Bunevacz, Jessica Rodriguez, has a brilliant career as an actress, model, and writer in the Philippines. She has 110k followers on Instagram and quite active there posting the happenings of her life. A Filipino mother and a Hungarian-American father raised David Bunevacz. His dual citizenship makes him Filipino-American. His playful personality leads him to be very friendly and social. David Bunevacz resides with his family in Los Angeles. Breana Bunevacz, Hayca Bunevacz, and Grant Bunevacz are his children.

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