Who Is Doyin Sonibare: Now, Height, Net Worth & more


Doyin Sonibare, paid tribute to the Duke in front of around 1,800 guests at today’s memorial service. Currently, Ms Sonibare is working as an advertising account executive at Brunel University and pursuing a PhD. A powerful eulogy was delivered by Doyin Sonibare, who talked about how she began her DofE award at 15 and how it helped her get her first job when she was 18. Who Is Doyin Sonibare: Now, Wife, Net Worth & more.

Who Is Doyin Sonibare?

As a Duke of Edinburgh scheme gold award holder, Doyin Sonibare is well known. At the age of 15, Prince Philip awarded her the honor. As guests arrived, nine other recent gold award winners, aged 18 to 27, lined the abbey steps. The east Londoner, who had never camped before, explained how she overcame a fear of climbing hills to participate in the DofE expedition. In 2014, Ms Sonibare completed her gold award.

The initiative Philip set up in 1956 helped Ms Sonibare secure her first job at IBM as a project coordinator at 18 without any professional experience. According to Doyin Sonibare, “On reflection, I never imagined I could do half of what I have in the last decade, but I have been able to do so because of the opportunities presented to me.”

Under the Duke of Edinburg scheme, Doyin Sonibare holds three awards: Borne, Silver, and Gold. London’s Westminster Abbey hosted a memorial service for her and other recent gold award winners.

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What is Duke of Edinburg scheme?

In 1956, Prince Philip founded the DofE after being inspired by Gordonstoun school’s headmaster. As part of his vision to support youth development all over the world, the Duke of Edinburgh introduced the Award in 1956. During the event, Sonibare discussed how his legacy has impacted her, and how future generations will benefit from it. Since then, more than 6.7million young people have participated in DofE programmes in the UK and achieved 3.1million awards. More than 140 countries offer it now.

Among the previous winners of the award is the Duchess of Cambridge, who won the award while attending Marlborough College. Prince Edward, Philip’s youngest son, received his gold award in 1986 and was pictured laughing as it was presented to him.

Doyin Sonibare: Where Is She From?

She was born in Barking, London, and was of British nationality. In Westminster Abbey, she delivered a special message for Prince Philip. Sonibare stands approximately 172 centimeters tall (approximately 5 feet 6 inches).

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