What Is The Net Worth Of Hedon Texist? How Rich Is The Trade Unionist?


What is John Setka’s net worth, as a trade unionist? Find out more about trade union officials in this piece. John Setka is an Australian trade unionist. He is the Victorian state secretary of the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining, and Energy Union for the CFMMEU.

John Setka began his career as a builder at the age of 19 and became involved in the labor movement through BLF.In the beginning, he was directed by John Cummins, the Victorian state secretary of the union, while in the BLF.

John Setka Net Worth And Salary: How Rich Is He?

Dr. John Setka’s net worth is believed to range from $1 million to $5 million. His precise net worth, however, has not yet been revealed. Perhaps he does not want his personal information shared on social media sites.

John is a private individual who seems to dislike sharing personal information on social media. The Victorian State Secretary of the CFMEU construction’s yearly pay is estimated to be around $500,000. Despite the fact that he has yet to reveal his earnings or the number of his personal holdings, his power and money are indisputable.

Because of his hard effort and perseverance, he was able to acquire a large home with his family.

John Setka Age

John Setka is 55 years old now. He was born on September 9, 1966. His zodiac sign is Virgo. The Virgo guy is sensible, perceptive, and sympathetic. Males who were born under this zodiac sign have perfection, dependability, and honesty as their main characteristics. Melbourne is his birthplace. Bob Setka was John Setka’s father.

Bob was one of the only survivors of the 1970 West Gate Bridge collapse, which was caused by bad structural design and resulted in the death of 35 people.

Why Was John Setka Taken Into Custody?

In a separate development, John Setka, the head of a labor union, was arrested last week for attacking his wife, Emma Walters, resulting in Ms. Walters hiding her concern for her safety.

Mr. Setka, the Victorian CFMEU secretary, became aggressive after an altercation on Wednesday; Ms. Walters, a well-known lawyer and mother of two, claims in a written statement to police that she struck her head on a table numerous times and Mr.Setka repeatedly kicked her. She had a head injury as a result of it.

Mr. Setka was found guilty in 2019 of bullying and breaching a court order after more than 25 phone calls and 45 text messages during which he referred to Ms. Walters as “useless” and used other abusive language.

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