Who Is Jason Worley, Brandi Worley’s Spouse Murderer?


Chris Worley is a software developer who is working in the same sector, in 2022. After his wife murdered their children in 2016, internet users were eager to learn his current location. Brandi Worley was a mother of two children who achieved popularity as a result of her spouse’s horrendous crime. She murdered her two children after her husband filed for divorce from her. This was one of the most frightening and unusual murder scenarios Jason had ever heard, and he was afraid he might not be able to protect any of his kids. Who Is Jason Worley, Brandi Worley’s Spouse Murderer?

Jason Worley Now 2022

The father of two youngsters murdered by their mother, Tim Worley, went to Reddit in 2016 and recounted the tale of his wife cheating on him. He said that he had proof that Brandi had an affair with a neighbor, which she denied. She acknowledged her faults and claimed it was her first time and that it had never happened before.

Jason even had pictures and Brandi confessed each one of them. The duo decided to part ways temporarily but then again Jason begged her to stay with her considering the young age of their children. This led to the entire killing of the kids. The mother herself murdered her son and daughter who were just 7 years and three years old.

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Jason Worley’s New Wife And Family

Following his ex-wife’s wife’s conviction, it is claimed that Jason has moved on with his life, having married a new woman and begun a family of his own. That he murdered his kids by their own mother will undoubtedly trouble him for the rest of his days, but life must go on.

In 2022, he has chosen to stay out of the public eye. He’s had quite enough with the mess and bloodshed in his own family for a few years now. He stated that he does not wish to see Brandi again, which is what he cared about at that time, according to his last statement.

When he married Brandi in 2009, he was a software engineer and is anticipated to continue working in the same industry now. He is completely divorced from his former spouse, who is currently serving a sentence of 120 years.

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