Who was Jay Brandow: Check His Death Cause


Jay Brandow, a former WNEM TV-5 report, died. His death is being reported on websites all over the internet. His coworkers are devastated by his passing. This family has not yet responded to his death. Rather than discussing anything, they were silent about nearly everything. They did, however, share a moving note on their Facebook page instead of expressing condolences.

“He’s going to be missed by a lot of people,” said MLive’s Mark Torregrossa, who worked with Brandow for five years at WNEM TV-5. “He wasn’t the kind of co-worker who disappeared after he retired. He still kept in touch with people and hung out with them.” Who was Jay Brandow: Check His Death Cause.

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Jay Brandow, a WNEM TV-5 reporter, dies

Brando has worked at WNEM TV-5 since August 1984, and he retired in 2011. “He was an old-style reporter who knew everyone and had a lot of sources,” says Eric Jylha, a colleague. “People would call him with news because they trusted him and knew him.”

Remember the old days, Jylha said that she and Brandow covered the memorial stories as a reporter for the channel. They would visit local people as a part of their job, and he was one of those people she trusted the most. She shared one incident when he helped her remove a dead cat from her yard.

“He brought a trash bag with him, got the cat, and gagged, and this was all live on the air,”

. “It was funny in a way, but he solved this woman’s problem when everyone else told her, ‘No.’”

“I’m not sure why it was ‘Cactus Jack,’ but that’s what everyone called him at TV-5,” Jylha continued. Brandow admired the Renaissance. In 2004, he finished his novel and had it published. The book “The Captain’s Chair” is a 231-page nonfiction book about the discovery of the story of the solitary survivor of a sunken Great Lakes steamer.

Since 2014, Brandow has been a professor at Delta College. He was a professor of media ethics and broadcast law. He was also a talented musician.

Jylha, one of his coworkers, recalled him playing guitar with Question Mark and the Mysterians. She described him as a man of magic who has the ability to touch everyone’s heart no matter where he travels.

Jylha stated, “We’ll all miss him.”

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