Who Is Jeron Hazelwood? Everything On Cheer Cast Age And Wiki


The second season of Netflix docuseries Cheer has introduced Jeron Hazelwood as a new cast member. What is his age? In this post, you’ll learn more about his career.

Jeron Hazelwood is a new star in the second season of Netflix docuseries Cheer, where he has appeared as the show’s new cheer coach. This season of Cheer has generated interest among viewers, and the new coach has become a topic for discussion. Furthermore, this season’s highlight performance has made him the focus of attention. He was also the head coach of Navarro’s rivals, Trinity Valley Community College, who has made an appearance to fight for the Daytona Crown in season two.

Cheer: Who Is Jeron Hazelwood?

Jeron Hazelwood is the newest cast member for Cheer’s second season, in which he played one of Trinity valley community college’s coaches. He’ll be playing a football player from Navarro College who has been instructed to attend by his father, coach Edward “Duck” Hazelwood (played by Will Ferrell).

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How Old Is Jeron Hazelwood? Age & Wiki Explored

Jeron Hazelwood is 26 years old this year, and he was born on October 15, 1995, in Louisville, Kentucky. Since his role in Cheer, he has become well-known. He has been the cheer coach of Gymtyme Allstars for six years since 2015. However, he has yet to have his bio included on Wikipedia’s official page. His brief information about his job has been published on several websites.

Who Are Jeron Hazelwood Parents?

Jeron Hazelwood has a unique relationship with his parents, especially his mother Karen Hazelwood. He frequently posts a lovely photo of himself with his beautiful mother on social media sites, where he frequently expresses how wonderful she is to him.

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However, he has not revealed much about his father in the media. He has a sister in his family. Her name, however, has yet to be released.

Jeron Hazelwood Girlfriend Or Wife-Is He Married?

Jeron Hazelwood has achieved a certain level of fame in the media. People have been looking for his girlfriend on Google, to no avail.

Some people alleged him as a married man. Nonetheless, there is no proof that he is married. Furthermore, there was nothing suspicious about him indicating that he was wed.

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