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Joseph Rosenbaum Wiki, Bio: What We Know


Joseph Rosenbaum was the first person shot and murdered by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin; he was also one of the most contentious individuals addressed throughout the trial. Rittenhouse, 18, was acquitted of charges for the shooting and killing of Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber as well as injuring Gaige Grosskreutz and endangering the safety of two other individuals.

The jury sided with Rittenhouse’s legal defense team, who said that he fired in self-defense during a night of protests and riots after learning about the police shot on Jacob Blake (the local district attorney cleared the officer in the Blake shooting).

Rosenbaum is a polarizing figure because of his prior conviction for child molestation-related offences; nevertheless, the jury was not permitted to know that information. He has also been the subject of scrutiny due on to his conduct on the night of the shooting; numerous witnesses for both the prosecution and defense stated Rosenbaum as being aggressive and getting into squabbles that evening as well as being involved in an arson dumpster blaze.

Be forewarned that some of the videos in this article are graphic and disturbing.

Joseph Rosenbaum Wiki, Bio

Rosenbaum, Who Was Born in Waco, Texas, Had an Extremely Troubled Life. Records from the Arizona court system, where he was convicted in a child sexual abuse case, provide Rosenbaum’s background and describe him as extremely dysfunctional.

According to those records, Johnny Cardwell, 1984-2002, was murdered by his own father. Regina Rosenbaum, Johnny’s mother, resided in Tucson. He had three brothers and two sisters.

Witnesses Described His Belligerent Behavior That Night, Including Using a Racial Slur
Rosenbaum was caught on video making a racial slur and urging others to “shoot” him. During the trial, witnesses described him as aggressive, agitated, and having verbal altercations. He was seen with a chain and connected in an arson dumpster fire. This exhibit was presented in court. Rosenbaum is on left, wearing a blue mask.

A combat veteran who testified that he came to Kenosha to preserve property was hanging out with Rittenhouse the night of the murders. Rosenbaum, he said, was “acting out in a violent manner,” throwing stones and getting involved in arson fires. He claims Rosenbaum threatened a group that included Rittenhouse, saying, “If I catch you guys alone tonight, I’m going to f***ing kill you.”

Another combat veteran, Mike Lackowski, said that Rosenbaum was acting “belligerently” and like a “babbling idiot,” but he wasn’t afraid of him. On the other hand, Karlie’s attorney, Jim Kolodziejzyk, said that investigators who questioned him made a mistake by assuming his client was guilty; this is also what Rittenhouse stated on the witness stand.

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The Rosenbaum Shooting Is Captured on Graphic Videos

Richie McGinniss, who was running behind Rosenbaum and is the Daily Caller’s video editor, testified that Rosenbaum “charged” for Rittenhouse’s weapon and “threw his momentum toward it,” seeking to obtain it.

“It was very clear to me that he (Rosenbaum) was reaching specifically for the weapon because that’s where his hands went,” McGinniss testified, demonstrating the lunge. He said Rittenhouse had his gun pointed downward at first, and Rosenbaum was “running as fast as he could.”

“It appeared he was lunging for the front portion of the weapon,” McGinniss testified. He said Rosenbaum yelled f*** you, sounding “very angry.”

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