All About Justine Watson: Meet Offset Baby Mama From St Louis


Offset has been gaining attention recently because of Cardi B, but people have been looking up to learn more about one of his baby’s mamma, Justine Watson. Here is all we know about their connection. Offset has just come under the media’s radar for his relationship with a well-known rapper Cardi B. Kulture Kiari Cephus is a five-month-old infant girl who is soon to be divorced from Offset.

She is not the only mother of his kid, though. One of his first mamas was Justine Watson, who gave birth to Jordan Cephus in April 2010 when he was just 16 years old. She sued him for unpaid child support in August 2017. He fathered his son in October 2017, after she filed the case against him. All About Justine Watson: Meet Offset Baby Mama From St Louis.

Where Is Offset Baby Mama Justine Watson Now?

Offset’s baby mama is one of the world’s most beautiful women, Justine Watson. She made headlines in 2017 when she announced that Offset was not taking responsibility for a father. He also had to take a paternity test to show that he was indeed the father of Jordan. Following all of these legal procedures, the findings proved that he was the parent for once and all. Watson also made it clear that he had paid no child support. She has been waiting for him to take action ever since.

Is Justine Watson Offset’s First Wife?

Offset’s first baby momma is Justine Watson. They haven’t confirmed whether or not the former couple had ever married. As Justine is rather private about her life, she hasn’t discussed their connection. Justine has also set her Instagram account to private.


After Watson is paying child support, the former husband and wife appear to be at odds again. Justine claims that Offset has “irregular financial assistance.” She’s asking for Offset to pay more than $15,000 in legal costs.

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Justine Watson, Jordan Cephus’ Mother Age

Jordan Cephus was born when Offset was 17, and Justine Watson has yet to reveal her age. When he was initially accused of being the father, however, court documents confirmed that he was. nJustine was only seven years old when they filed a lawsuit seeking monetary assistance orders in court. Once Offset spoke about his experience as a father when he was still a kid. He went on to say that while he made some mistakes along the way, he doesn’t regret them at all. Offset acknowledged that he wasn’t there for Jordan when she was younger.

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