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K-Drama Netflix Movie Carter Release Date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

K-Drama Netflix Movie Carter Release Date

South Korean action thriller Carter is an upcoming Netflix Original from Jung Byung Gil. The film stars Joo Won, who has established a strong presence in a variety of genres of K-dramas and films. Known for his action cinematography, Jung Byung-gil directs this film. Jung Byung-gil and Jung Byeong-sik will collaborate for the second time. The film is produced by Lee Yong-hee and Park Yun-ho.

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Carter Release Date

A list of Netflix’s summer 2022 movies was released on April 27, and carter was included. Netflix will begin streaming Carter worldwide on August 5th, 2022. The synopsis of Carter reads: Agent Carter wakes up one day in a motel room without any recollection of his identity and follows orders to join an explosive mission. The movie runs for 133 minutes, as confirmed by the studio.

Carter Plot

An unidentified man wakes up in a motel room with no memory of who he is except for the voice of a woman calling him “Carter”. As he runs from different groups of people, he is thrown into an exciting mission. While Carter’s memory is gone, he knows one thing: he has to complete his assignment or he will die.

What is cast of Carter?

In Carter, Joo Won makes his Netflix debut as the title character. He is best known for playing Park Shi On in the Good Doctor. Lee Sung Jae will play supporting role as Kim Jong Hyuk and Kim Bo Min will also feature in the movie.

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Trailer of Carter

There is a brand new full-length trailer for Netflix’s Korean-language movie, “Carter.” This trailer reveals that if Carter disobeys a special mission command, he will face a lethal bomb implanted in his mouth.

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