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Know about Kevin Wenstob: Reality Show Big Timber

Kevin Wenstob Bio

Kevin Wenstob is an Canadian logger who runs a timber business. He harvests trees from forests in the Pacific Northwest and sells the lumber to construction companies and furniture manufacturers. He has extensive experience in the industry and is highly successful. Wenstob’s company employs dozens of people and operates several logging crews. His business is one of the largest in the region, and he plays a major role in the local economy. In Big Timber, show on Netflix, they life of Kevin Wenstob is shown with the life struggles he faces.

Kevin has strongly upheld sustainable forestry since he was a child, so he disputes the ideas of many environmentalists that he denies that it is not possible to sustainably cut timber.

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Kevin Wenstob Early Life and Career

Kevin Wenstob as a youngster had been a dishwasher and didn’t enjoy the work, From twenty years, he has been working independently seeing his sawmill chain. He’s an industrial equipment and machinery supplier in Sooke, British Columbia.

Webstob enjoys this renowned television program and is on quite the roll thanks to it. He has a flourishing career due to his fame. The terrain and the weather proved to be quite challenging, especially early on in the production when the chemical substances were mixed, and the machinery was banged up.

Kevin Wenstob Wife and Children

Kevin Wenstob Wife and Children

He is married to Sarah Fleming, supportive of his business. The show also features two of his children, Jack and Erik, have been helping their father run the business. Coleman Willner, 23 years old, is Wenstob’s right hand man and helps to manage the log loading and carrying staff.

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What is Big Timber, reality show based on the life Kevin Wenstob?

The Canadian History channel sold Netflix the rights to stream Big Timber on Vancouver Island in 2020. An in-depth look at the logging business of the Wenstob family is presented in the show. With Sarah Wenstob, Erik Wenstob, and a team of talented and dependable people, Kevin Wenstob runs his own business. The show features Sarah as mill head and Erik as mechanic, followed by other crew members in their respective positions.

From September 2019 to January 2020, the first season was primarily filmed. In mid-September 2020, a few episodes were reportedly filmed. The filming of ‘Big Timber’ takes place on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Klitsa Mountain is used for logging activities.

Kevin Wenstob Net Worth

The Webston Timber Company owns a large-scale sawmill. An average crew member’s salary can range from $56,000 to $84,000 a year, depending on his or her rank. Although loggers usually work for about a year, they still make a decent salary. According to estimates, Kevin Wenstob has a net worth of around $3 million. 

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