Kit Thompson Arrested: Charges Explained


On social media, Ana Jalandoni has been covering every digital platform, as well as other news networks. For a long time, they’ve been fighting legal battles. They have yet to find a solution. The kit has performed some incredibly awful actions with her that we can’t put into words. Cops have arrested Kit and are now keeping him in custody. She was saved and protected by the cops at last.

Kit Thompson Arrested

Kit has been taken to the police station for interrogation, while Jalandoni is recuperating from her injuries at the hospital. On March 18, reports claiming that Kit and Ana had been found circulated on the internet.

According to reports from the Tagaytay PNP, she was recovered from a hotel in Tagaytay. They have been residing in their hotel room since then. Both may have their fun, but if they get on to a contentious issue, their argument will soon become anger and they’ll start bickering with one another. They’ve had past run-ins before. Strange sounds were heard emanating from some of the rooms in the hotel.

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Why was Kit Thompson Arrested?

When the fight did not end, the hotel clerk phoned the Tagaytay Police and reported the situation. When cops arrived at the hotel room, they were shocked. They discovered a woman lying on the floor with a large number of wounds to her arms and face.

Her hands and face had numerous injuries, which were quite startling. They didn’t realize it at the time. They only took her to the hospital and began administering therapies. She was now in a hospital undergoing treatment, with several stitches on her face. She posted photographs of herself where her entire face was wounded, along with some sutures.

After seeing the complete scenario, cops are on the lookout for answers from her. Why does your partner treat you this way? What’s gone wrong with him? What’s causing all of this drama. All of these inquiries have been directed towards her. However, cops are waiting for her to receive therapy before they can arrest her.

Kit Thompson Age, Height, Weight

According to reports, she was around in her 20s. She was 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 55 to 60 kg.

Kit Thompson Trivia

  • Kit Thompson has 2,000 followers on Instagram, where she posts from time to time.
  • Her account is @realanajalandoni.
  • She had 1.2 million followers and 86 postings on that account.
  • She has photos of herself and her boyfriend together.
  • However, she was recently deleting each photo one by one.

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