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Kronii Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Real Face, Facts


Kronii is a virtual YouTuber who speaks English and uses it to communicate with her followers. She made her debut as an anime avatar video host in 2021, when anime avatar video hosts are becoming increasingly popular and provide both viewers and streamers with unexpected benefits.

According to reports, prominent VTuber Krnoii has revealed her true face on social media. Her age is believed to be between 25 and 30 years old. The streamers perform videos not as themselves, but as fictitious characters, masked behind cutesy anime avatars. Fans have been intrigued by Kronii’s appearance after learning that she had exposed her true face. Kronii Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Real Face, Facts.

Kronii Real Face Revealed

It is rumoured that Ouro Krnoii has revealed her true face recently. However, it turns out to be a hoax. While fans were eager to view her genuine appearance as a result of the rumors, Vtuber disappointingly did not show her face. Perhaps she prefers to keep it that way since audiences, according on reports.


We have made assumptions about her personality based on her appearance on YouTube, even though we do not know what she looks like at the time of writing. She is known to be a self-assured and self-centered female. Her voice has an “elder sister” ring to it and is forceful and well-controlled. She is manipulative and will trick you into doing something for her benefit rather than yours. She can effortlessly deceive people into thinking she’s nice. She doesn’t care how she does it: lies, manipulation, or deception; anything that allows her to get what she wants at the moment without having to give up anything later in exchange.

She’s also boisterous, especially if she gets killed in video games. On the other side of the coin, she has a deep voice like Mori Calliope’s, but she can also sing at high pitch; prior to this performance, she had used a piercing sound.

Kronii Age:

Kronii is a well-kept secret. She has yet to reveal her age, despite the fact that she has already appeared on television. Despite this, in a video she revealed her birth month and day, implying that she was born on March 14. According To which, she was created on March 14th Pisces by zodiac sign. According to reports, she is 5 feet 6 inches tall when it comes to physical features.

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Kronii Real Name

Ouro Kronii is the English name for Krnoi. However, it’s unclear if she has a real one. The Vtuber achieved popularity as a result of her stage moniker, which her fans are unlikely to recognize. Despite her renown, she has yet to be included in Wikipedia.

Kronii made her debut on August 23, 2021 at 5 a.m. JST. She debuted as the third member of the hololive council and became available for play. In addition to 115,000 YouTube subscribers, she had a prior peak viewership of over 90,000 viewers before the Livestream began. Kronii was asked if there would be a song in the episode, and she replied that it might be Butterfly, the opening theme to Digimon Adventures.

Meet Kronii On Instagram

At the time of this writing, Ouro.kronii is a Instagram user with the handle @ouro.kronii_ and has 12.4K followers. She’s also well-known on Twitter, where she goes by the name Kronii.

Kronii FAQs

Is Kronii a boy or girl? There is no clear answer, as Kronii has not revealed her true identity. However, many fans believe that she is a girl based on her voice and mannerisms.

How old is Kronii? Kronii’s age is unknown, as she has not revealed her true identity. However, she was born on March 14th, making her a Pisces.

What is Kronii’s real name? Kronii’s real name is unknown, as she has not revealed her true identity.

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