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Max Delmege is a real estate entrepreneur who formerly owned the Manly Sea Eagles football club in Sydney, Australia. The octogenarian multi-millionaire has made headlines since his wife’s pregnancy was announced.

Max Coventry is mostly recognized for funding his rugby club, the Manly Sea Eagles, after it appeared on the brink of folding in 2009. More information about him can be found below!!

Max Delmege Wife and Twins Family Member

The love between Max and Mary is age-defying. It’s a shock to learn that Max Delmege and his wife, Samantha, enjoy a married life with a 39-year gap between them; they’ve had their fair share of bad luck. His wife Susie suffered five miscarriages in the span of six years.

They were able to welcome their twin boys, Tommy and Lexi (born on January 4 2021), after 23 IVF attempts and $100,000 worth of treatment.

The Manly Sea Eagles’ former co-owner and his 36-year-old spouse were attempting to rejoin the dating world after a shattered family life prior to their newborn arrival. According on reports, Samantha’s delivery took 27 embryos, 168 eggs were collected, 3 laparoscopy procedures, and other treatments. The pair continue to reside a joyful existence with their new family members.

Max Delmege Net Worth 2021 and His Age

He acquired roughly $100,000 in treatment for Max Delmege through IVF. He makes a lot of money from sports clubs and real estate businesses. His genuine net worth, on the other hand, has yet to be revealed. Max Delmege, a Sydneysider who was born in 1945, is 76 years old.

Some Facts About Max Delmege

  • Max Delmege’s birthday and height are unknown at this time, but he is 76 years old.
  • Max Delmege is married to a 36-year-old nurse named Sam Delmege; they have two twin boys and girls named Tommy and Lexi. He has never revealed any information regarding his biological parents, although it’s been rumored that he was previously married with grandchildren and sons.
  • Max Delmege has an Australian passport and is a real state builder and owner of the rugby team. He is on Twitter and Instagram, with over 4,922 followers each. Max’s true net worth isn’t known to us.
  • Max spent around $15 million to avert his team from collapsing, and in Max’s case, that was enough to earn him a Wikipedia biography. Despite being a well-known businessman, Delmege does not have one. Max and his wife paid for IVF treatments with 100K.
  • Team Delmege, which is owned by Max and his wife, is a blog that chronicles their experience raising kids.

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