Is Rapper Nas Blixky Dead or Alive? Death Hoax


There was speculation recently over the Internet regarding Nas Blixky, a New York rapper who was shot in the back and leg. After being shot in the back and leg, he’s becoming a media darling. Nasir Fisher is his real name, a Brooklyn-based rising artist with 50.9k Instagram followers.

In 2015, he started rapping and his predecessors include fellow rappers such as Master P, Young Thug, G-Herbo, and Lil Durk. Nas has collaborated with Mori Briscoe on Raps & Hustles on YouTube to bring out the talent of up-and-coming hip-hop artists. Nas’ YouTube channel has 6 million views while his SoundCloud listenership is 5 million.

Is Rapper Nas Blixky Dead or Alive?

His family made no announcements regarding his death, so it’s possible he’s still alive. However, Nas is in a critical condition at the hospital due to some people wanting him to die. The stepfather of Nas revealed that certain individuals want Nas to be dead, but he is a strong person who will undoubtedly return with new music and lyrics.

He also stated on stage that Nas, the musician, is dead but not the actual person. The declaration received a lot of attention and prompted rumors that the artist had died because people quickly assumed his demise.

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Is Nas Shot to death?

According to reports, Nas was wounded in the back and leg but survived. Fisher, who was 22, was shot in the back and leg at 9:30 a.m., according to cops. His parents said that he had been ambushed by his enemies following a bout of nasty social media banter.

Another guy with the same name, Nick Blixky, was murdered in the same region in May 2020. Luis Caballero was also murdered in Brownsville under the real name of Lu Blixky. It’s a popular term among people from Brownsville’s rural areas.

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