Who was Sergei Sukharev and how did he die?


This is a situation in which the winner of the battle is not as important as who has to face the consequences of war. It’s been three weeks since Russia and Ukraine’s conflict began. Because of the conflict, thousands of people have died.

Many families have been wiped out as a result of the conflict, and it’s doubtful that the fighting will ever end. Not only are volunteers dying in the war, but everyone who is presently in Ukraine must deal with its consequences. Who was Sergei Sukharev and how did he die?

How did Sergei Sukharev die?

Every day, many individuals are killed in war. The majority of the time, Ukrainian soldiers are slain. It’s not a game, though, which nation has fewer residents and which has more. These are issues for human existence that only come once and then never return.

Every day, many children become orphans. Every day, many families are shattered from both directions. There is now news that Col Sergei Sukharev, the commander of the Kostroma Airborne Regiment, was killed in action during the conflict. He was a Russian solider for the army. The Ukrainian forces and state television have verified his death, as well as his deputy who died at the same time.

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Who was Col Sergei Sukharev?

He was regarded as the finest Russian paratroop commander, and he was also credited with organizing the invasion of Ukraine. But, according to Strategic communication and information security, his liquidation was planned previously.

He served in the Kostroma Guards’ 331st Parachute Assualt Regiment. He was slain in Russia during the Ukrainian conflict. According to reports, he was slain by Ukrainian troops while attempting an invasion of Ukraine. He perished when fighting against Ukraine in 2014.

Segal had been active in opposing Ukraine before the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2018. He has previously battled Ukraine in the country’s war in 2014. In addition to his fight against Ukraine, Sergal is also a veteran of the country’s civil war.

He has no Wikipedia page, allowing us to provide more information on his personal life. He was dubbed the architect of Russia’s war with Ukraine. Any news regarding a Russian soldier’s death has been rare until now. He was a patriot who sacrificed himself for his country.

The death of Ukrainian soldiers was announced on March 16th this year. She was quite well-known in Ukraine. Oksana Shvets, a Ukrainian actress who was born in 1955, is among the country’s most famous entertainers. She is one of Ukraine’s finest artists and has been given the “Ukrainian Honorary Artist” Award for her achievements.

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