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Steven Umberto Angelini Arrested for distributing drugs to motorcycle gang

Steven Umberto Angelini

Steven Umberto Angelini, 41, has been charged with conspiracy, distribution, and possession of oxycodone in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime. Angelini was also accused of belonging to the notorious Ryders Motorcycle Club, which Baltimore County police described as a dangerous criminal organization.

Who Is Steven Umberto Angelini?

Steven Angelini, 41, was hired by the Baltimore Police Department in 2006. His 2017 lawsuit against the Police Department states that he initially served in the Northwestern District before moving to the plainclothes Violent Crimes Impact Division, where he conducted covert counter-narcotics operations.

He allegedly requested a transfer to the Southeastern District, where his parents lived, after feeling burnt out at work. On Baltimore’s Danville Avenue near Dundalk Avenue in 2013, a white male, 26, was shot and injured by a cop. He is currently on unpaid leave.

He is also considered an excellent cop by a member of his family, according to 11 News. In July 2019, he also sustained a line-of-duty injury. Before his arrest, Angelini’s policing powers were already suspended, according to the Baltimore Police Department.

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Baltimore Police Officer Detained for the Notorious Ryders Motorcycle Club

Recently, this headline made headlines as Steven was arrested on cocaine and oxycodone possession charges with the intention of distributing them. As an exchange option, he was given information about a murder investigation in return for narcotics. Court records contain chats and texts, including one from April 8 where Angelini advertises a ghost pistol.

Angelini and the motorcycle club are under investigation by the federal government as of January 2022. Angelini did not identify the president with whom he interacted in court filings. However, he refers to the president as Keith in one conversation.

Is Steven Angelini is in Prison?

According to USAO MD, @BaltimorePolice Officer Steven Umberto Angelini has been indicted for trading drugs for a ghost gun, Oxycodone ammunition, and firearm parts. The magistrate releases him until the next day’s detention hearing.

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With serious claims this time around, Steve is in much greater danger than in his prior grocery store theft case, which will be trialled later this year. A separate source who was killed while working for the head of the motorcycle gang was claimed by the prosecutors in the officer’s drug case. A Baltimore police officer used details of the homicide to bet with the club’s president.

On Thursday, Angelini will appear at a detention hearing before the federal tribunal where he is currently being held in police custody. If convicted, he could spend up to 20 years in federal prison.

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