Who Is Terry On General Hospital? Actor Cassandra James Playing The Role


Cassandra James portrayed a fictitious character named Randolph on the ABC network’s General Hospital, played by her. Dr. Lorraine Randolph is a doctor on the soap opera General Hospital, played by actress Tessa Ferrer. She’s a transgender physician who has an affinity for Elizabeth.

The ABC television network broadcast General Hospital, which is a daytime soap opera with Dr. Lorraine Randolph as one of its characters.

The General Hospital Show has set a Guinness World Record for the longest-running American soap opera in existence. The program debuted on April 1, 1963, on the ABC Television network. It holds the record of 14 accolades won at the Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series.

Who Is Terry On General Hospital? Actor Name Revealed

Cassandra James played the role of Terry Randolph in this film. Terry is a doctor who holds the post of Head of Oncology at General Hospital. Dr. Monica Quartermaine announced on July 26 that Dr. Elizabeth Thiele would be the co-chief of staff, with Terry as Head of Oncology. In the prior episode, he was a guy, but he changes into a girl in this one.

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As a youngster, Terry liked Elizabeth and was also involved with her in a romantic way. But after transition, she began dating someone else, which was also shown on television. It tells how she became involved with the Oncology department as well. She’ll be working alongside Dr. Britt Westbourne after the appointment of co-chief staff. The program is still popular, with many people watching it.

Who Is Casandra James? Wikipedia

Cassandra James is a transgender actress who works to promote LGBTQ rights. In 2015, she revealed her sexuality to her family and began speaking about it in 2016.

Cassandra underwent gender reassignment surgery in order to acquire the body she desired. She has spoken openly about her transitions and being a transgender woman throughout her life. She now promotes that people who are transgender should be permitted to work in the TV industry. On June 27, 2018, she debuted on General Hospital as the doctor Terry Randolph. She said that all of her difficulties have been rewarded since she made her first TV appearance.

How Old is Cassandra James Age?

Cassandra James was born on July 17, 1989, in California. She is the daughter of Debbie Li and James Watzke, both academics. Her mother is a teacher, while her father is a gerontologist.

She was born and raised in Canada. Her paternal great-grandparents were German, but her mother’s mother and father were Chinese. Cassandra has always loved dancing and attending dance classes as well as performing in the choir.

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She is about to embark on her career as a prominent actress after gaining popularity and positive comments for her roles in General Hospital.

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